Acne and Acne Marks

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Deep exfoliation done with diamond tips.

This treatment does lymphatic drainage while clearing the damaged layers of the skin. While reducing fine wrinkles, open pores and blemishes it also controls the amount of fat cells created in the skin. Ideal for aged, damaged and dreary skin.


A quick and effective option for skin problems. Removes damaged layers of the skin allowing for regeneration and delivering younger looking, hydrated and smoother skin. Intensity can vary depending on the products used.

Prices Vary

Extraction of comedones to reduce the level of deep-level fat in the skin. Products and techniques are used which every skin type needs.


Fight off acne in the chest and back.


Combining the best techniques to minimize stretch marks.


Deeper exfoliation than traditional microdermabrasion.

This treatment delivers great results decreasing wrinkles and deeper scars. You can see results with up to 80% improvement. Ideal for acne scars and deeply damaged skin. (Only in Juarez)


This treatment uses light therapy to decrease the overactivity of melanocytes (skin cells responsible for color), when combined with creams and sunscreen you can see short term effective results.


Light therapy reduces inflammation and oxygenates areas within the skin killing the bacteria that causes acne.

This treatment has a prolonged effect that continues after completing a series of treatments.


The best option to reduce those hateful pimples. It’s a combination of extraction, diodes and high-frequency to control infection and prevent spreading.