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Enjoy an unforgettable time with your daughter or son, add this package during your treatment. For ages 2-10 yr.

During the facial +$35

Your age can be seen in your hands… don’t let this happen to you. Increase collagen and elastin production directly in your hands.


Lifting without Surgery.

Painless treatment which reorganizes collagen molecules, replacing the old cells with the new, creating newer and thicker collagen walls in the tissue holding the skin causing a lifting effect. This treatment has prolonged effect up to 6 months after finishing a series of treatments. Ideal for saggy skin.


Strengthens and stimulates the cells that create collagen and elastin creating it in greater quantity and quality without any discomfort. This treatment can change the structure of your skin.


We use a superb combination to rejuvenate your eyes. Microdermabrasion + Radiofrequency + Diodes + Muscle Stimulation and the best products to take care of that fine skin around your eyes.


Purifies the cells by infusing oxygen into the first layers of skin decreasing the formation of free radicals, making this an excellent anti-aging treatment. Ideal for lifeless, dull skin.


This treatment uses pulses to strengthen and lift facial muscles preventing and correcting sagging skin. It has a lifting effect and combines nicely with Radiofrequency and/or Diode-Based Rejuvenation.


This treatment uses light therapy to decrease the overactivity of melanocytes (skin cells responsible for color), when combined with creams and sunscreen you can see short term effective results.