Rejuvenation Treatments

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Deep exfoliation done with diamond tips.

This treatment does lymphatic drainage while clearing the damaged layers of the skin. While reducing fine wrinkles, open pores and blemishes it also controls the amount of sebum created in the skin. Ideal for aged, damaged and dreary skin.


Lifting without Surgery.

Painless treatment which reorganizes collagen molecules, replacing the old cells with the new, creating newer and thicker collagen walls in the tissue holding the skin causing a lifting effect. This treatment has prolonged effect up to 6 months after finishing a series of treatments. Ideal for saggy skin.


Strengthens and stimulates the cells that create collagen and elastin creating it in greater quantity and quality without any discomfort. This treatment can change the structure of your skin.


Innovative treatment, collagen inducing therapy consisting of the creation of channels through small openings.

It stimulates the ability of cells to produce collagen, improves skin metabolism and stimulates cell regeneration. Ideal for rejuvenation, scars, hair loss, stretch marks and cellulitis.
(Popularized by Kim Kardashian, known as “The Vampire Facial”)


Discover the benefits of chocolate on your skin. It increases the production of collagen and elastin while relaxing your skin.

 Peel          $150
2-Day Peel          $200
3-Day Peel          $250

A quick and effective option for skin problems. Removes damaged layers of the skin allowing for regeneration and delivering younger looking, hydrated and smoother skin. Intensity can vary depending on the products used and can give you dramatic results.

Prices Vary

Purifies the cells by infusing oxygen into the first layers of skin decreasing the formation of free radicals, making this an excellent anti-aging treatment. Ideal for lifeless, dull skin.


Deeper exfoliation than traditional microdermabrasion.

This treatment delivers great results decreasing wrinkles and deeper scars. You can see results with up to 80% improvement. Ideal for acne scars and deeply damaged skin. (Only in Juarez)


This treatment uses pulses to strengthen and lift facial muscles preventing and correcting sagging skin. It has a lifting effect and combines nicely with Radiofrequency and/or Diode-Based Rejuvenation.


This treatment uses light therapy to decrease the overactivity of melanocytes (skin cells responsible for color), when combined with creams and sunscreen you can see short term effective results.


This treatment is here to stay. Builds walls of collagen and elastin within the skin, ideal for flaccid and lifeless skin. One of the most popular rejuvenation treatments around. (Juárez only)


This pelling is ideal for sensitive skin. Ultrasound and aloe are used to peel the damaged layers helping regenerate skin cells.


This treatment is designed to make you look spectacular on your special day. Moisturizes and increases the firmness of the skin enhancing your appearance into a radiant glow.


We use a superb combination to rejuvenate your eyes. Microdermabrasion + Radiofrequency + Diodes + Muscle Stimulation and the best products to take care of that fine skin around your eyes.


Your age can be seen in your hands… don’t let this happen to you. Increase collagen and elastin production directly in your hands.